Posted on January 11, 2012

The mailman made such an impression on me last time... that I secretly sent a package to myself. And since I am not the greedy type, I made sure the assistant manager and the secretary were also involved. Besides I needed to make sure he was the real thing and not just a fluke the last time we encountered. I invited the secretary to see if she would agree with the things that go down in my office. At first she was just watching and said that she had a boyfriend and didn't want to participate. I wanted to fire her on the spot. But as time went on she started masturbating and then ended up participating full on. It was one of the best meetings we have had in this office in a while. Group sex at its finest.

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Posted on December 17, 2011

Sienna West is so proud of her son. After spending years teaching him right from wrong, and how to make it in the real world, he's finally graduating. After dropping him off at the prom, she's happy to meet a fellow parent. Danny's also proud of his son for graduating. He also thinks that Sienna is one hot lady, and he loves to 'appreciate' beautiful women.

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Posted on May 18, 2011

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Posted on May 07, 2011

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Sienna West discovers she has been sleeping in the hospital, with no idea what happened she is attended by a man who says is a doctor. After a series of tests the man asks her to bend over to lick her ass, she can't make sense of it all, all she knows is that she enjoys it and not all things have to make sense.

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Posted on December 28, 2010

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Scene description: Being famous comes at a cost especially if you aren't so nice to everyone. Sienna West finds herself in a virtual world that she didn't order. Over the past couple of years virtual technology has allowed those that can afford it the opportunity to enter into simulated dreams. In this dream, Sienna is sent into Jordan's world where she gets punished in the ass for all her misgivings to others.

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Busty latin pornstar Sienna West has just been pulled over in her own driveway and is quick to make her fantasy to fuck a man of the law a reality; she's ready to break all the rules.

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Description: As Survivng approaches the end of the 39 day competition, only 2 castaways are left. As her opponent Tommy struggles through the challenges Sienna West appears to effortlessly complete each task. What's her secret? Wanting more footage of Sienna for the show, Keiran (the producer) takes the camera to Sienna West's tent, where he finds her drinking cold beverages, eating snacks and watching porn! After seducing Keiran into keeping quiet Sienna West satisfies her urge for one last creature comfort: a big, hard cock!

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